Financial Info

Financial Policy

There is no charge for your initial examination. Those patients whose growth and development are being monitored to determine the best time to initiate their treatment are seen at periodic recall appointments which are done at a nominal charge. We want to encourage parents to feel comfortable in seeking Dr. Limbaugh’s advice, as frequently as they deem necessary, to reassure them of the proper attention to their child’s problem.

When it is determined that it is time for treatment, diagnostic records are taken to determine your treatment plan and the charge for your treatment. The treatment fee is based on the severity or complexity of your problem and explained at the next appointment in which your treatment plan is presented. Before a patient begins any treatment, the total treatment fee and all treatment procedures included are discussed. Most patients pay for orthodontics over the time of treatment, financed monthly without interest, however multiple payment options are available, including no down payment. A mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient is essential to the best personal health service. Please feel free to discuss with us your treatment program and its cost.


Our office is happy to assist you in verifying and filing your orthodontic insurance claims. Please read the policy that is given to you by your insuring company or employer. The fees that we charge are the same for patients that have insurance and those who do not. We do not work for any insurance company as a “preferred provider”. We work for you to provide the best treatment as determined by our doctors; not compromised by insurance limitations imposed on their “preferred providers”. Your insurance plan will not cover the entire amount of our usual and customary fees for your particular treatment problem and difficulty. The responsible party is accountable for any fees that remain after insurance payment. Please remember, our contract is with the patient and/or the responsible party, not the insurance company.

On your first visit, please bring a copy of your insurance card, your place of employment, your date of birth, and your social security number to file for you. Please feel free to ask our financial coordinator any questions you may have regarding your orthodontic insurance.

As part of our commitment to service to our patients, we’ll contact your insurance company and verify your orthodontic benefits on your behalf. In many situations we’re able to give credit up front for your estimated insurance benefit, thus lowering your down payment and monthly payments.