Patient Testimonials




Love the doctor and staff!!!! Awesome place with the best results!!!!!


They do great work and are really good with kids I would recommend them to everyone!!!!!


Limbaugh Orthodontics is my family’s second home! Three of us are in treatment. Mom and two kids in braces, imagine that! Pass the floss please!


My teeth are perfect! I couldn’t be happier!


We have never had less than superior service at Limbaugh Orthodontics. The staff is amazing, the office is gorgeous, and the customer care is second-to-none. My eight year old actually looks forward to going to the orthodontist! They are AWESOME!  


They were very friendly, helpful and made Amanda feel at ease about braces and showed her exactly what they will be doing to her teeth at each and EVERY appointment!! The goals and rewards program they have set up when your child does well as at each visit is a huge incentive!!!

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